530 Richmond St. W.

Queen Alley Graffit 2

Located in Queen West graffiti alley, the 3-storey Capra Properties building is covered with a vibrant underwater mural complete with hundreds of cartoon-like fish and a 20 foot green octopus. Painted by uber5000, this mural is an excellent example of stunning art that can be curated when artists and property owners work with one another.



King Street East at Richmond Street East & Adelaide Street East Underpasses


Photo Cred: @tara_mcilroy

As you head east on King Street East through Corktown and travel under the Richmond Street East and Adelaide Street East underpasses, you are greeted on the south side of the street with bright, larger than life murals of colourful faces. Aside from the colours, these faces have been realistically painted as a series by international group Essencia Art Collective. “We believe that artistic expression is our strongest tool, and that it can be used as a catalyst for expression and as a forum for dialogue. We can then begin to focus on important global and local issues of our societies, and celebrate cultural and artistic diversity.” –Essencia Art Collective.



468 Queen Street West. – East facade


Known for his classic cartoon-style murals and art, Greg Mike, an Atlanta, GA native,  graced the 2-storey 468 Queen Street W. east-façade with a 25 foot 3-eyed monster, curiously standing right next to smoking deer who looks like he’s had better days. Assuming the “STAY POSITIVE” sign is a show of irony, this spirited mural had me inspired by its’ creativity just the same.



289 College Street

A collaboration between Lovebot creator, Matthew Del Degan and PoserABM , this massive mural effortlessly marries a fun, child-like bunny with a more structured robot proudly wielding a stylized heart on it’s chest.  Any Toronto native knows the iconic Lovebot character, which initially started with concrete sculptures scattered throughout the city, and now graces walls, bridges and pretty much any public surface that you can imagine. I would even go out on a limb and say that the Lovebot should be the unofficial mascot of the Six.



King Street West & Portland Street

Photo Cred: Torontoist

Hailing from NYC and known for his Monopoly Man character, Alec Monopoly left his signature art in the heart of the trendy King West neighbourhood. This large monochromatic piece with red accents, showcasing his larger than life character, is sporting a tux and rocking a top hat while blessing a set of turntables. With work online fetching upwards of $40,000, the anonymous artist has undoubtedly left a little bag of gold on some unsuspecting owners doorstep…..or in this case, wall.



Alleyway Off Church North of Esplanade

Tucked away in an alleyway at the foot of Church Street behind Fionn McCool’s lies a hidden gem as elusive as the artist himself. Possibly the worlds most renowned street artist, Banksy left his mark on seven locations when in Toronto to promote his documentary, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP  , yet today only one piece remains. This small stencil graffiti work, covered in plexi, shows two men and a young boy staring up at (what use to be) a Banksy signature. Likely, the Banksy signature was removed while cleaning off a tag that was put on top shortly after the work was completed.

Urban canvases are sprawled throughout the city and I’d love to know where your favourites are.




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